Shopping Ideas


Here are a few you may not have heard of!

This year consider buying your cards from Abbey Press.   They're not only made in America, they are designed and printed by the Monks of St. Meinad Archabbey, and they are beautiful.  They have gifts, too!

You will find "windows into heaven" at  Monastery Icons.   These artworks make marvelous Christmas presents.

Some of the best fruitcake in the world is made by Trappist monks in Berryville, Virginia.  Their cakes, creamed honey and truffles are delicious  and can be shipped anywhere.  Visit Monastery Fruitcake. 

The Tradition of Oplatki

The Christmas wafer, or "Oplatek" (from the Latin Oblatum, "Holy Bread") is a beloved tradition in many families.  Believed by some to emanate from the manna of Exodus 16:31, it is often called the bread of angels.  The ritual observance is called Wigilia in Polish, Villa in Slovak, Kucios in Lithuanian, and Feliz Navidad in the Hispanic culture.  Perhaps this is part of your heritage; perhaps you'd just like to learn more.   In Polish tradition the Oplatek (pronounced opwakek) is shared before Christmas Eve supper, with all the household, including pets and farm animals; legend has it that animals who eat of the Oplatek will speak with human voices at midnight, but only the pure in heart will be able to hear them. 

Visit the Oplatki page at Pol-Am Church Supplies to order Christmas wafers for your own celebration.

This and That

You may be familiar with Cat's Meow Village, the painted wooden collectible buildings that celebrate historic or well known places.  But did you know that there is a CMV Bible Stories collection, or that you can order design of a duplicate of your own church, as a fundraiser?  Take a look! 

A St. Francis Medal engraved with a pet's name makes a thoughtful gift for a special companion.  Star of David Medals are also available at Pet Blessings  for our Jewish friends. 

Soft and huggable handcrafted dolls fashioned to educate little ones about Catholic saints and Bible figures are available at Chapel Gifts.   They call them "Catholic dolls," but Protestant little ones love them, too!

Is there a gardener on your list?   Order heirloom seeds and a  helpful book from Victory Seed Company and create a Bible garden 

Send an e-card

There are free Christian E-cards for any occasion from DaySpring! 

And treat yourself to a look at the finest ecards in the world!  They're Jacquie Lawson's; a subscription allowing you to send them to friends and family is quite affordable . . . and browsing is free.  Don't forget to check out the animated Advent Calendars or the gift of an interactive garden!

Last but not least . . .

The books of Donna Lee Davis, the author who created Paradise Tree, make excellent gifts!

You may sample her books here: