Help yourselves, friends!

Here you will find the Proclamation of the Birth of Christ, approved from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as a fanciful "Birth Announcement" and instructions for a birthday cake for Jesus that will delight children.  Perhaps there's a quote from literature or TV that teases your memory because you can't quite recall it in detail . . . or maybe you're fashioning your own Christmas cards and need an assist.  Perhaps you'd like to read again the "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus" editorial from the Baltimore Sun or rediscover VanDyke's "Story of the Fourth Wise Man," slightly abridged, gently edited, with footnotes added.  Remember hearing Paul Harvey talk about "The Man and the Birds" on the radio at Christmastime?   Or T. Texas Tyler's "The Deck of Cards"?  It's all here.  Maybe you'd like to print out the prophecies fulfilled from our Advent page, or a house blessing fit to frame.  Help yourself, friends. Merry Christmas!