Links You'll Love

"The things that we love tell us who we are."

So said Saint Thomas Aquinas  (1225-1274).  We think he's right.  We love Christmas at Paradise Tree, and we love these links that may heighten your experience of the holiday:

Before Jim Caviezel's masterful portrayal of the Lord in "The Passion of the Christ," there was Brian Deacon as "Jesus."   (Use this link, and you can actually watch the entire movie.)  If you are not already familiar with Campus Crusade for Christ's beautiful 1979 film which brings the Book of Luke to life (or even if you know it well), learn more about it at The Jesus Film Project. 

FaithND, an initiative of the Notre Dame University Alumni Association, offers an informative Virtual Tour of the Holy Land you won't want to miss! 

As seen on our Christ-Mass Page, you may take a tour online of Nazareth Village, a First Century village and farm recreated in Nazareth, Israel.  ​The Nazareth Jesus Knew. 

The Holy Land Experience  is a theme park and "Bible-believing, Christ centered ministry" located in Orlando, Florida. 

The new Museum of the Bible   is in Washington, D.C.  Admission to the museum is free, and you may reserve your place by ordering tickets online.  Variously themed guided tours are not free, but are reasonably priced! 

Ark Encounter is a new, one-of-a-kind themed attraction located in Williamstown, Kentucky. 

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in Branson, Missouri, and at other locations nationwide (put your ZIP Code into a search engine) you can see inspirational live stage productions designed to "present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God" at Sight and Sound Theaters

We can't all personally go to the Christmas Markets in Bavaria, Germany, but we may visit them vicariously through the Bavarian tourism website. 

 The United States is honored to have the  Saint John Paul II National Shrine, a marvelous resource, in Washington, D.C. 

What's a Christingle?  Let the folks at Atlas Obscura tell you all about it! 


And then there's Walton's Mountain! They really knew how to celebrate Christmas there: 

                         A fresh tree, applesauce cake (and maybe a little of The Recipe),
                         a visit to the barn to hear the animals talk;
                         ringing in the Lord's birthday with church bells . . and love, lots of love. 
                         Walton's Mountain Museum is housed in the very school building
                         attended by the real "Waltons," the Hamner children of Schuyler, Virginia.

This site is a labor of love

The writer Donna Lee Davis founded Paradise Tree as an online Christian Christmas store in 2004 to showcase and sell her handmade ornaments.  The ornament business didn't last--life got in the way--but the site has remained as a public service for everyone who loves Christmas and the Reason for it.